Meet Saint nick

Hi, it's me... Santa!

Head Cookie Taster/ Hot Chocolate Connoisseur

Ho, Ho, Ho! I am so happy to see you again. I see you have been working extra hard to keep yourself on the nice list!  I am honored to speak with you about your projects/appearances/events and how we can work together to make more smiles!  I am often in the Danbury, CT area- since there are so many nice girls & boys in this area that I love to visit. However, I am completely willing to travel- my sleigh is ready year-round to take me anywhere I may need to go at the drop of a hat!  Let’s make this an extra magical time for your loved ones!


The number one question I always get is “How can I stay on the nice list?”  Here are some of my favorite tips for making sure you are always #1 on my nice list!